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Auxiliary Leadership ( non DIRAUX )

In order to use this site, you will need the same Member Zone password used for AuxOfficer/AuxDirectory, NTC, Webforms, and other Auxiliary systems. If you are a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, and you have not already activated your Member Zone password, you can activate or reactivate it at any time by going to: http://auxofficer.cgaux.org, and follow the instructions under Obtain or Change Password. Minimum requirements to obtain a password are:

If you are not sure of what email address is stored in AuxData, log on to AuxDirectory and check your first (primary) email address.


DIRAUX or CHDIRAUX, please log in using your official uscg.mil e-mail address for "Auxiliary Member ID". If you do not currently have a password, please visit the National Help Desk to request one be issued.